You've got six hours until the sunset...


Die After Sunset is a roguelike third-person shooter that generates a new mix within the 3D genre where light and darkness take on special relevance in various open scenarios, solving random events and trying to create the best build (among a crazy selection of artifacts) to defeat unique bosses that lead you to solve the mystery of the Murkor invasion.

Murkors are mischievous-looking creatures that show their real face when enter into the shadows, literally!

Defeat the Murkors

Doomsday is approaching, an alien invasion is taking over the planet and we were unprepared for the Murkors, funny and harmless at first glance… until they stepped into the shadows. The global defense forces have disappeared and there is no one left who can rid us of this plague, hardly anyone.

You've got six hours until the sunset...

Who will stop the invasion?

April Blazestrong, a Newsworld reporter, looking for exclusive information about the alien invasion finds a crashed alien ship. Investigating in the interior activates the damaged systems and starts the AI of the ship that, against all odds, decides to help her to find the origin of the invasion.
April now has the technology and weapons to discover the origin of the invasion and stop it, but it must be before sunset!
But April will not be the only one involved in this decisive adventure for humanity. Advancing through the levels will allow you to unlock new members for the mission. These characters will define with their own abilities a new way of facing combat.

The alien AI sends April to different locations that are being attacked by murkors because the arrival of one of their bosses is imminent and the alien AI needs something from it.

Stop the countdown!

In each level you will have to face a countdown until the inevitable arrival of the boss. You will need to delay the spawn of the boss as long as possible by completing missions that will be assigned and generated in real time: Destroy murkors nests, rescue alien technology, protect facilities, capture specimens… All these missions are generated and positioned randomly to create a unique experience every time you play. Do you think you can reactivate the electric generator before the murkors gobble it up?

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